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There is always something happening at The Crazy Cow.

During February, we conducted an online survey to get some feedback on how we were doing and, more importantly, what we could be doing better. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and for the valuable comments made. It was great to hear about your experience at The Crazy Cow. While we are still working through some of the suggestions, we are really pleased to be able to let you know of a couple of the changes we’ve made.

We’ve added more playground seating!!

One of the things that several people mentioned in our recent survey was that they would like to have seating availability within the playground area.

We’ve listened to your requests and looked at a few different ways to accommodate extra seats, without sacrificing the area available for activities. As a result, we’ve reconfigured our mini golf course slightly, but in the process, opened up space for an additional 12 table seats plus 5 bar stool seats. This will help on the busy days when seating can be a bit of a premium.

But not only, that, the changes will also allow us scope to add a few new activity boards, which we hope to be able to introduce shortly. Stay tuned for more changes as they develop.