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Fun Stuff

What's On At The Crazy Cow?

We have a great indoor playground that the kids will love, all year round. With slides, obstacles, tunnels and something around every corner, children will have endless fun.

If they need to expend a little bit more energy after they had their adventures on the playground, the jumping castle is always there for that extra bit of fun.

For those children that a bit younger (ie toddlers), we have a special Toddler’s room filled with a wide array of fun and interesting toys.

Admission Prices

Entry to the Toddler Playroom is free
Entry to the Playcentre (Playground & jumping castle) for children up to 12 years of age is only $5.00.

Who doesn’t enjoy a spot of mini golf? Mini golf is one of those activities that can be played and loved by all ages and all abilities. It is great for parents and grandparents to be able to play together with the youngsters.

At the Crazy Cow Activity Centre, we have a 9 hole, farm yard themed course – 5 holes indoor and 4 larger holes outdoor. Take a look at the pictures to get a feel for the layout. We guarantee you’ll have plenty of fun.

The price for Mini Golf for a round of golf (9 holes) is $8.00 per person (for children up to 12 years of age, entrance to the playground and jumping castle is included in the price).

The price for Families (2 adults and 2 children) is $30.00 and extra children $6.00.

Everyone enjoys a bite to eat and great coffee is something we expect wherever we go. Well, we have you covered – and we have a range that is sure to cater for all ages.
And just in case you’re thinking that, being a Playcentre, the cafe must be noisy, cramped and offering only a limited choice of food and drinks, then we’re here to change your mind.
Our main cafe is separated from the main playground area and has plenty of room for parents with prams and we have some additional spaces and rooms where it is possible to escape any hustle and bustle that might be going on. We also have tables available in the playground space for supervising your children while they play.

In fact, our cafe space has been designed to make you feel at home whether you are coming primarily to provide some entertainment for your children, or if you just want to drop in with a friend or a group for a chat and cuppa. By the way, the other great feature is parking is a breeze!!


Meals, snacks and drinks are generally not allowed to be brought into the centre.

We have a café that caters for both healthy and enjoyable light meals, snack and drinks. We are a not for profit organisation and the sale of food and drinks ensure that we can maintain low cost entry fee to the playground and provision of support services for families.

  1. Birthday cakes are allowed to be brought in to the centre, no fee is charged for birthday cakes in a booked party. A $2 surcharge per person is charged for cakes not within a party.
  2. Food that caters for special dietary requirements and allergies may be brought into the centre. Please note we have gluten free, soy, lactose free and almond milk options.
  3. Baby food and drinks can be brought into the centre.


Please note: we are not a large play centre compared to some centres. There are limited table and seats within the playground area and you are encouraged to share your food in the café area if the playground eating area is busy. Many people like the smaller and comfortable feel of our centre. If you are looking for a quieter time, generally the afternoons during the week are less busy although, there is no guarantee!

The playground is designed for 3-12 years.

Children 3 years and under are allowed on the playground if they can play independently and climb and play safely on the equipment, particularly the steps and slide.

If you are older than 12 years you are not allowed on the playground without staff permission, unless you are briefly rescuing a child that is hurt, stuck or distressed on the playground.

Our playground is not a large playground that has been designed for adult use. We have strict child safety policies for all staff and volunteers so that we can ensure that your children can play safely on the playground without the fear of unknown adults being on the playground.

Yes. If a child needs an aide or carer, we ask the aide to speak to staff and wear a wrist band so we know you have been given permission to be on the equipment. Please note, we would normally limit aides to three at a time due to space constraints on the equipment.

It is designed for toddlers and young children who are too little or not confident enough to play on the large playground. All children are asked to play gently with the equipment as it is designed for small children. Our toddler room is free and the equipment has been donated by caring community members. Adult supervision is required. Older siblings can supervise if they are playing gently. We are currently seeking donations for further equipment for our 3 and 4 year olds.

$5.00 per child.

This includes unlimited play on the playground and jumping castle.

Discounts are available for 10 visit passes and 1 and 6 month passes.

Mini golf costs $8 and includes the playground entry for children 12 years and under. The mini golf has been designed to be challenging enough for big kids and adults and therefore little children will have fun, but find it hard.

Parents and carers who bring the children into the centre are always responsible for supervision of the children. If adults sit in the café and use the TV screen for monitoring their children, they are still responsible for behaviour and safety of their children.

No. Parents and carers are always responsible for supervision of the children.

The role of the playground monitor is to assist in keeping the children playing safely and giving them some attention so that parents may have have less need for intervening and have the opportunity to relax more. However, parents and carers are always responsible for both supervision and discipline of their children.

All Playground Monitors have a Working With Children’s Check, have had reference checks and been trained in our safety policies.

We were initially established by Christians from lots of different churches wanting to provide support for families in our local community. Our activity centre provides a low-cost facility for families to have fun and interaction. It has been established by donations and grants and sponsorship by local community groups and businesses.

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